If you've tried everything and nothing works - you're in the right place.

End the Struggle

Are you tired of struggling with your weight?

Tired of swinging from deprivation to overindulgence?

Tired of following bizarre diet rules?

I work with women who have done their share of personal work and accomplished much in their lives, yet still struggle with their weight.

They have been trying to follow all of these crappy diets and exercise regimes that just don’t work.

They want to lose weight but are not willing to compromise their health or sanity to get there.

And the great news is - they don't need to.

The Last Time

I help you get to - and stay at - your natural weight using tools that address the cause of the weight, not just the symptoms.

I do not promise you’ll “lose 30 kg in 30 days!!!” or any of that hype. What I do promise is that if you use the tools and do this work, you only need to lose the weight one more time.

While I am completely focused on helping clients lose weight, more importantly I want to help them find freedom from dieting and food drama.

I truly love doing this life-changing work with women like you.

LWLT is for you if you're willing to:

 be open to and apply a new way of thinking
• commit to weekly coaching sessions over 12 weeks
• complete the homework / assignments designed to help you progress on your journey
• take full and complete responsibility for yourself and your life




I'm Caroline, a Dietitian, Life & Weight Coach who specialises in helping women get off the dieting rollercoaster (or roundabout) and finally lose weight for good.

Over the years, I have owned and run a successful café and catering business, worked as a dietitian (for more than 16 years), hosted cooking classes, upskilled in hypnotherapy, health coaching and eating psychology.

But more recently I've been building a strong track record as a life and weight coach helping clients create a relationship with food and themselves they love.

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